Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 years old!

Last weekend was 4 days of partying!  Thursday was Halle's actual birthday so we threw a little family get-together that night with Grandpa, Peggy, Cassi, and Sarah.  Grandpa gave Halle "Just Dance for Kids" for the Wii.  We danced most of the night away until Sarah popped her knee out of place and had to be sent to the hospital.  We later found out that she had chipped her bone and will need surgery to have the fragment removed.  She blames Justin Beiber because it was one of his songs she was dancing to.  Total bummer...
Mom and Dad gave Halle a new tennis racket and balls which she is very eager to use.  Mom is eager too!!

  Friday night was our babysitting co-op night at our place.  The kids danced for a full hour and wanted to stay even when their parents came to get them.  It was some true entertainment for Brandon and I. 

Saturday was Halle's Hula Hawaiian Birthday Party with her friends.  12 of her friends came and celebrated with us.  Halle's cake was an island cake that Mom designed.  One thing I learned from this party is not to shout general questions out...like who wants ice cream with their cake.  It was GREAT!

After the party we neglected the mess and drove to Vegas for a little down time, shopping and a pirate show.  It was great and the girls LOVED the show.  Sunday was Hayden's party at the other Boulter's house.  So, all in all, a great weekend!

*note* the mirror in the back ground behind our dinning table was a Christmas present from Kimmie.  It was my grandparent's and had moved from their house, to my house growing up, to Kimmie's house, back to my own house.  It took an army to get it here due to it's size and weight.  Very exciting for me to have this family heirloom, even though I once thought it was hideous.  When it arrived, I sanded and painted the frame to match my place a little better.    


Codi said...

First off...LOVE the mirror! What a cool thing to now have in your house and it looks amazing.

FIVE years old?! That seems so crazy - I remember the day you left work to have her the next day. What a darling party - the cake looks so cute!

Ashley Dunaway said...

shut up.... i remember that mirror :)

jjtsoccer said...

What a fun mom you are! Look at that great party. And hey you got the mirror out of the back of the truck! It looks great!!!