Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Isn't it crazy you can be soooooo busy, but you can't really tell anyone exactly what you've been doing? I feel like that every day. I guess I could say..."two kids?"
Ok, so I know it's not, "three kids or four kids" but for me, two kids right now is plenty.
Here are a few things that have kept us busy...

Halle and Taya were sick for two weeks with fevers, coughs, barfeys, etc. Brandon and I never thought it would end. Lucky for did! There's nothing like getting five hours consecutive sleep...and not smelling like barf.

Some family came to visit. Karen and Jeff one week, and Brenda and Shara and kids the next. We did some serious playing at the park and at Jump & Jacks.

The EN&T doctor confirmed that Halle indeed needs her tonsils and adnoids out. Her surgery is scheduled for Wednesday.

We just returned from a four day stay in Salt Lake with Kimmie. Halle lotioned up the cat our first day with Kimmie's favorite smelly good lotion. Washing the cat took both me and Kimmie. We didn't see the cat much after that. Saturday night was dinner at my mom's. There was southwest chicken wraps for dinner and afterwards a little princess wildness (Halle & Morgan & Brandon).

Just the girls took a fabulous car ride on Sunday to Park City while Brandon stayed back to do some homework. The air was crisp and warm while we watched the skiers and snowboarders take the hills. Kimmie took us out to eat Tibetan food at Cafe Shambala...or Shamalan? I liked Kimmie's pronunciation better. Halle Mo loved the Mo Mo!

Upon returning back home, Halle had to spend another couple hours in the ER. While running naked after her bath she slipped and smacked her face on our tile floor, cutting her gum line and bruising her upper lip. Thankfully no stitches.

The latest visitors to the Boulter pad were the Pratts. We camped at Sand Hollow and played in the sun.

An evening fishing excursion. No fish! Love the princess pole Brandon!

So, the boys found a peculiar looking rock, and to determine if it really was a rock, Chad took a little bite. Who does that! My brother...
What's funny about that is it looked exactly like poo. He actually put it back in his mouth for the picture.

Karen, Cooper, & Chad

Brandon in the relaxy hammock

Gotta have the marshmallows