Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our garden friend... not so itsy bitsy

So, if you know me at all - you know about my plant fettish. If it weren't for my kids and hubby, I'd spend all my time with them. It's a sickness really. In finnishing up our yard last year, we built a garden to hopefully sucessfully raise veggies. Who knew I'd have to learn to share my garden with this guy.

Now, lucky for you I have a great zoom on my camera. If I didn't, there would be no picture. I am terrified of my garden friend but also...fascinated by him! I can't have Brandon kill him because he's eating all the creepy crawlies that could possibly ruin my crop. So, I'm learning to love him. Just last night Brandon threw a moth into his web just so we could watch him hunt. I tell ya, you have to witness this if you have a spidee friend lurking around your house. Seeing it on TV doesn't do it justice. So, next time you're at our place, come check him out. He's fabulous!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reunion a la Park City

So, we just returned from another trip up north. This trip was special for us because we were able to introduce Taya to some family members who hadn't met her yet, and we also had a condo in Park City to make it even more fun. Baby Taya and Baby Owen, exactly one month apart in age, had their first introduction and photo shoot. Plus, it was Cooper's 1st birthday (the only boy grandchild on the Pratt side and dang cute at that).
We love our double-smoocher kiss picture with Halle so Nat and Kimmie had to recreate it with Taya
Babies Taya and Owen (future kissing cousins?) Hopefully NOT!

For Halle, there's nothing like popsicles.......and her Morgan

Cooper stole the show with his monkey crawling abilities - on hands and... feet?

Cooper eyeing his cake. He eventually needed a little help from Dad

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That's our Halle... :)

It was Halle's bedtime a couple nights ago and as Halle went to pick out some books before bed I hurried to the freezer where an ice cream sandwich was calling my name. I just needed a little bite before the long drawn out bedtime process began. As soon as I turned around there was Halle. "What are YOU having, mama?"
"Nothing..." I said with my mouth full. And with a very serious face Halle said,
"Mama, say ahhh........say ahhh mama."

Days here in St. George can be PRETTY hot, so every once in a while we'll take Halle to the park in the evening. In the car on our way home one night it was dark and Halle kept asking for us to turn on the light. We kept saying no, and giving reasons why we shouldn't have the light on while driving. She insisted again and again and soon we heard, "Turn the light on... I HAVE to see the boogie!" She had picked her nose and wanted to check out her treasure.

Halle is our little marathon runner. She doesn't walk anywhere. She runs from the car to the house, from the couch to the fridge, from the toilet to the sink (well I haven't actually witnessed that one...yet) and her recent run we encountered was in the shower. She was running from one wall to the next, and it went on for about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I was too slow to get it on video.

Halle and Ellie are best friends these days. We're not sure if Ellie really enjoys being pulled around the house by the collar, chased and cornered with kitchen utensils, and covered with diaper rash cream, leave in conditioner and baby powder. She has been a great little companion for Halle though, and has learned to take the abuse well. When Ellie's had enough I'm glad she snaps softly at her to show her she's reached her limit. Halle usually comes running back to us saying with a sad face, "Ellie bite me. "

Ellie sporting diaper rash cream which is impossible to get out since it's waterproof.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Time's a Fly'n By

Yep, she's 6 weeks old as of yesterday, can you believe it? We sure can't. Taya seems to be loving life and so are we. She's practicing holding her head up on her own and even smiles every once in a while. Brandon is out of town for work for a few days so it's going to be a girly party every night! Here are some recent snaps.

Halle modeling a new summer dress (great find @ neighbor's yard sale)

Halle eating goodies & people watching @ the yard sale

Who's going to catch the ball - Halle or Mackie?