Thursday, May 28, 2009


It was a short trip, but WELL worth it!!!
If you're ever in Moab with two kids and two dogs, Bill Negro Canyon's hike to Morning Glory Natural Bridge is where you have to go. Halle was a real trooper! She hiked about 80% of the 5 hours we were on the trail. She also loved trying to catch the tadpoles and crawfish. Taya had the best ride of all as you can see from the pics below. The dogs were in doggie heaven. We crossed the river a couple times on the way up, but walked in the river with the dogs most of the way down.

That night after we were washed and rested, we took the car into Arches National Park. This was a first for both Brandon and I. The dogs weren't allowed to hike, so luckily it was cool enough to leave them in the car. (They didn't mind at all.) Seeing Arches for the first time is unbelievable! Our favorite spot to take Halle was Sand Dune Arch. To get there, it's a short walk from the car, through a narrow slit in the mountain. From then on, it's soft cold sand on your feet. It was one huge sand box to Halle who just wanted to play. Who cares about the arch...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cousins forever!

Halle and Morgan are two peas in a pod. They love doing just about anything together. Here they are on the shore at Sand Hollow.

Tubing isn't as scary when your best pal can fit in the tube with you.

The gal pals on Kolob Reservior with Captain Chad!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boating and Dancing

Last Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.

The place ... Sand Hollow (nope, no swimmers itch)

The people ... Craig, Peg, Sarah, Halle, Taya, Brandon, Nat (no dogs, this time)

The water ... 67 degrees (took a 3 minute swim)

The boat ... Third successful trip (this time we have proof)

Tuesday was Halle's first official performance.

The place ... Westside Studio

The people ... Miss Cassie, Halle and her six friends

The dancing ... Practically non-existent but the entertainment was priceless

The Halle ... Enjoyed every moment, and never stopped moving. They even sang a cute song at the end about having a date with their daddy, which was followed by a cookie picnic. Fun Fun Fun