Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She's One!

Today is Baby Taya's Birthday!

I guess we can't refer to her as "Baby" anymore. Taya is a true delight to have in our home. She and Halle make great sister pals, and love spending countless hours giggling together. Taya loves...

giving cheesy smiles
pointing at things she wants
playing in the sand (and potted plants)
clicking her tongue
her binky
hugging and patting backs
and being outside

We just love this girl!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Bug Lady

I like to call Halle the bug lady because she is FASCINATED and all bugs are "SO CUTE".
She just can't help herself and she has to hold them. Some of her favorites...worms, potato bugs, lady bugs, dragon flies, and frogs (ok, not a bug but still). Flies are definitely the enemy because it's freak-out-city when they come around. She also loves to check for spiders every where she goes, because they scare her. Many times she tells mom and dad that there are spiders in the bathroom so we'll accompany her to the potty.

Mom caught her looking into a present that we'd placed in a gift bag for a friend of her's. When she was caught she said very reassuringly, "Mom, I was just checking... and there are no spiders inside."

This morning Dad was laying on the floor (in preparation for church?) and Halle said, "Dad you have spider webs in your nose." Dad replied, "No honey...those are nose hairs."
She was very relieved!