Friday, January 28, 2011


So we took a weekend away from the hard...but so wonderful.  San Francisco was our destination and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Of course there was that moment when the GPS was taking us in circles...dang downtown area!  The weather was beautiful and a tad bit warmer than our St. George weather in the winter.  Any way, we took some beautiful drives, took in that fresh ocean breeze, got in some decent shopping, bought THE best sourdough bread ever, all in all...did what we wanted when we wanted.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Lucky for us and for the second year in a row, Kimmie and Luki came to visit for Christmas.  We had a lot planned and little time to do it in.  Christmas Eve was spent making tamales for dinner.  We began the night before and continued with only a shower break until dinner time.  It was worth the effort and there was a lot of laughing being in the kitchen with Kimmie.  After dinner we went to visit Mr. B in the rehab facility. In the morning Mr. B and Helen joined us in opening gifts.  Thankfully, the facility allowed us to steal him for a couple hours. It was also fun to have Brittany and her friend Taylor over for a visit.  We enjoyed lunch together...left over tamales, spanish rice & beans, etc.. and zebra leg for dessert.  Then for dinner had our same Christmas Eve dinner guests once again.  No, no tamales...roasted turkey, zucchini casserole, rolls, etc.  It was a baking Christmas!
 Our wild little bugs in front of the Christmas trees.
 Kimmie crushing the peppermint for the Zebra Leg dessert.
 Our Christmas Eve dinner party guests.
 Sometimes the only way to get a cute doggy on your lap is to sit in its bed.
 An after bath snuggle...
 Brandon on his Inversion Table...think he likes it?
Halle and tired mama