Friday, April 24, 2009

Lady Bugs aren't just Ladies....

Here are two lady bugs going at it. We released hundreds of lady bugs two weeks ago to save our peach tree from an aphid attack. The instructions on the jar of bugs said if the bugs are happy you'll know it and they'll make your yard their home. Sure enough, I spied some happiness and caught it on camera. And there weren't just two of them in action. Any who...lady bugs can eat up to 50 aphids a day so they are a bonus bug for your garden.

Easter Happenings

Better late than never??? These are our Easter girls all dolled up.

We had a fabulous Easter Holiday. The Talbots plus Brittany came to visit for a few days. We went to Warm Springs, had Stephanie's baby shower, did a little Pampered Chef, had an egg hunt...etc...etc...
The kids after finding all their precious eggs!

Babysitters Granny and Grandpa with Owen and Taya

McKadin and Halle after a little makeup party in our bathroom. We watched McKadin while Steph was having her baby. (Mackie - Love the lipstick teeth and blue eyebrows...)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nature lover

Isn't Spring the greatest! Seeing brand new growth on woody stems puts me in the best mood. I know I'm strange...but really, seeing something come back to life after winter is truly beautiful. I was granted a few extra minutes this morning while Taya napped to do a little photo shoot in my yard. The unusual looking blooms above actually came from Costco. Brandon came home with them a couple days ago. He said he just HAD to buy them because they were so unique. Do I have this guy trained yet? Pretty cool.

My baby Ice Plant. Succulants thrive here.

My Eastern Redbud finally bloomed this year. There was no flower display last year. I was quite depressed.

Chaste trees bloom early summer, but here's a sign of life...

My nature lover sunning herself amongst the Rose of Sharon.