Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nature lover

Isn't Spring the greatest! Seeing brand new growth on woody stems puts me in the best mood. I know I'm strange...but really, seeing something come back to life after winter is truly beautiful. I was granted a few extra minutes this morning while Taya napped to do a little photo shoot in my yard. The unusual looking blooms above actually came from Costco. Brandon came home with them a couple days ago. He said he just HAD to buy them because they were so unique. Do I have this guy trained yet? Pretty cool.

My baby Ice Plant. Succulants thrive here.

My Eastern Redbud finally bloomed this year. There was no flower display last year. I was quite depressed.

Chaste trees bloom early summer, but here's a sign of life...

My nature lover sunning herself amongst the Rose of Sharon.