Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday was race day for me. I competed in the SHAC Turkey Triathlon that's held here in St. George. I can't believe how much fun it was!! My six months of training really paid off because I felt ready and I gave it my all. This is me and Halle, my little supporter, at the finish line.
Thanks to my love - Brandon for all the time he gave up so I could prepare for this day.

My friend and workout partner, Heidi and our spin trainer, Tiffany. It was a bitter cold morning (especially for St. George...burrrr)

The swim

The bike - Maybe Santa will bring me a road bike for Christmas...hint...hint

The run

Me, Rakel, Hailey, and Heidi after the race.
What a beautiful day! Next Tri is in April and I am IN!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Halloween came and went so fast...SO FAST! This year the Talbots celebrated Halloween with us and boy was it a party. It always is when they come. Friday we started off with a visit to Grandpa B's, then over to Snow Canyon High for some early Trick O Treating fun. Afterwards, we held our *second annual Pumpkin Carving and Pizza Party. That party had to be cut short so some of us gals could head out for Odessey Dance Company's Thriller at Tuacahn. Oh, so good! Saturday for dinner we had blood, worms, & eyeballs, then headed out for the real fun. Unfortunately Grandpa B spent his weekend in the hospital and so did Brandon, Karen, Brenda and Craig. We're hoping for a quick recovery this time. Halle and Taya are missing their Grandpa!

Our little sea creatures, Little Miss Mermaid and Little Miss Octopus. I'm hoping to get them back in their costumes for a second photo shoot. This one just wont cut it.

Now this woman is Entertainment at it's best!

is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Year 4 is just as good as year 1. Especially when you bring the lady in the previous picture. Too bad she was taking a potty break (hiding out in the ladies room) when her friend here came by.

Our Trick O Treating clan. We visited the Ramirez' haunted house which was a huge hit and super freaky, then up to the Nobis/Cash scone party. We arrived a little late but were still served. Fabulous!

Owen & Taya getting to know each other again. We couldn't get enough of these little punkins. Taya literally clung to Jon the whole weekend. Mom was a little jealous!