Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween season happenings

It was fun to grow our own pumpkins this year. We came out with 7 good ones. We LOVE Halloween at our house!!!!

Funny happenings from our Halle
We were watching the news one morning and they had a story about Brian David Mitchell (the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart). Of course he was looking straggly and hairy as usual. Well Halle took one look at the TV screen and said, "There's Jesus!" in a very sure voice. She also thinks the cavemen on the Geico commercials are Jesus.

Lately Halle has been getting scared of things she normally wouldn't be afraid of (probably because it's Halloween season). The other day she was coloring in the other room and I hear her say in a slow terrified voice, "Mom... there's... a... bunny... in... here."

Halle is my emotional butterfly. I can't remember why she was crying one day in the car but when I started in on my tactics to get her to stop crying she said, "Mom, I just need to cry ok?" Well, it shut me up because I had to turn and smile at that one.
Halle likes to visit her Daddy at work and play in the fountain there. One night we were walking towards the fountain and Halle said she wanted to swim like a turtle. She began taking off her shirt in preparation to jump in. Before I could say no, we don't undress in public, she was down to her just her pull-up. I have never seen her undress SO FAST! Soon, her little bummy was out in the open. Yikes! Luckily I was able to distract her enough to explain that clothes are required in public and I got her dressed as quickly as possible.

Halle loves to dress up, but even more she likes to dress Ellie up.

Our littlest munchkin is getting strong. She can now sit up in the boppy. She loves this new view and giving us smiles the whole time. She also loves to watch Halle in her busy-ness. Taya is lucky to have such a loving big sister.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anniversaries rock!

Ok, so I'm not a big shopper. This weekend however...I was on fire!
Brandon and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last friday 10/10/08. And instead of making a big deal about it we decided to spend the day together with the girls and do a little clothes shopping. Lately, I've been very conscious about where our $$ is going and trying not to spend it where I shouldn't. Usually, when I shop I buy for Halle & Taya only, but Friday was all about me.........and Brandon too. I guess I don't shop for myself that often because I rarely find anything I have to have. Or while I'm out I forget that I need something until I get home and then remember. The stars must have been aligned because everything we needed was either on sale or a really great deal! Our luck didn't end that night because Saturday morning we found a lady who was selling brand new furniture in a yard sale (THAT never happens). I picked up a set of chairs for by bedroom for less than half price and some MaryKay for 50 cents a piece (sorry Kimmie).
Well, the shopping was great while it lasted. I'm glad my love for my husband is much more constant than my shopping. I'm greatful for my hubby of eight years and friend for over twelve. Don't know what I'd do without him. He is my rock.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a Birthday a Blessing and a Wedding

Our last trip to SLC was a doozie. Brandon celebrated his 34th birthday, we blessed Baby Taya and Brandon's dad (Mr. B) was married. Why not cram it all into one weekend...? We did, and we added family pictures too! It was great to reconnect with friends and family and be able to relax a bit after the festivities.

Baby Taya is wearing the blessing dress that her Nana made

Love Birds
Mr. B is a LUCKY guy. Arlene sure is a treasure. Halle loves her new Granny!

The trick is getting Halle to smile and look at the camera... two strikes on that one.