Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anniversaries rock!

Ok, so I'm not a big shopper. This weekend however...I was on fire!
Brandon and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last friday 10/10/08. And instead of making a big deal about it we decided to spend the day together with the girls and do a little clothes shopping. Lately, I've been very conscious about where our $$ is going and trying not to spend it where I shouldn't. Usually, when I shop I buy for Halle & Taya only, but Friday was all about me.........and Brandon too. I guess I don't shop for myself that often because I rarely find anything I have to have. Or while I'm out I forget that I need something until I get home and then remember. The stars must have been aligned because everything we needed was either on sale or a really great deal! Our luck didn't end that night because Saturday morning we found a lady who was selling brand new furniture in a yard sale (THAT never happens). I picked up a set of chairs for by bedroom for less than half price and some MaryKay for 50 cents a piece (sorry Kimmie).
Well, the shopping was great while it lasted. I'm glad my love for my husband is much more constant than my shopping. I'm greatful for my hubby of eight years and friend for over twelve. Don't know what I'd do without him. He is my rock.


Thorpe Family said...

That is so cute! What a great shopping day! I love it when that happens! Congrats you two!

justin and shara said...

8 years already? How did that happen, but then again it seems like you've been a part of our family forever. You two make the cutest couple and have the cutest girls ever!

Michelle said...

How fun to go shopping for yourself. It is nice when you find deals.

I didn't know you had a blog. How fun! Come by and visit mine...I finally updated.

Shupe said...

Well you 2!!! Congratulations! Has it been 8 YEARS ALREADY?

wow time flies................
Guess so, I've been separated for 4 and half! and now- yes officially divorced!

sheesh, I do miss you 2 very much!
Thank goodness for this eh?

great to see pappa daddy pics as well! Good to see him behind a boat- Nor more better than behind his kick *ss cars!!!!

kisses and hugs