Friday, December 3, 2010

What? No November post?

Well, November went by in a FLASH!
Here's whats been going on here the last few weeks: 

First and foremost....NO MORE DIAPERS!!!  What a wonderful thing.
Second, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving trip in Salt Lake.  Karen and Jeff invited us to their Thanksgiving feast where we had great food amongst friends & family. We also had a feast with my Mom, Mac, GG, Kimmie, and Chad & Karen's family.  And yet ANOTHER feast with my Dad and crew, thanks to Kimmie and her delicious fajitas.  Halle's excitement was the snow and trudging through it with her Hello Kitty boots.  Taya wanted to enjoy the snow just as much as Halle but didn't like how cold it was.  She preferred snuggling with someone instead (as usual).