Monday, December 28, 2009

Ahhh Christmas!

This year we almost skipped out on our Salt Lake Christmas trip due to a nasty fever and croup.  Stinky sickness! Luckily my mom took us in.  There's nothing like being with your Mom when your kids are sick.  Love You Mom!  Normally I don't take my kids ANYWHERE if their sick but when family calls---you'd better come!  Sooooo glad I did because it beats sitting home alone.  Unfortunately we couldn't visit with Chad and Karen's family because we didn't want to get Cooper sick before his tonsilectomy.  So instead we planned a conference call with both of my brothers.  We also planned a dinner out with my Dad which is always fun.  I miss you tons Dad!!! Brandon's family begged us to drop in to our Boulter Christmas party which we did for about an hour...we'd planned on skipping the whole thing so it was a nice surprise and fun to see everyone happy and well.

When we returned home, we invited Mr. B over to help us make carmels for our neighbors.  I didn't expect him to get right in there and stir for what seemed like an eternity...but he did.  I had to get proof.

Kimmie and Luki came for Christmas!  We enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner at Craig and Peggy's, a little drive to see the lights, then home to open one gift under the tree. Christmas day was one big lazy fest.  We were even lazy with the gift opening.  We probably finished around noon.  After Taya's and Kimmie's naps and Brandon's game playing, we made our luminaries for the front stairs and ate our Christmas dinner - Salisbury Steaks with Mashed Potatoes, Zuchini Casserole and Biscuits... holy yumminess! 


18 Months!

Can't believe it!  Our Baby Taya is 18 months old!  

This little girly is snuggly, spunky, tantrumy, and funny.  She loves wrapping her babies in blankies, stealing mom and dad's chapstick, pushing Halle's buttons, saying just about anything we ask her to say, squalking just like her big sister, and sitting in her favorite place....yeah YOU try to remove her!

Taya is a JOY to have in our home!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Happiness

Why is it that around Christmas time I feel like I have forty seven billion things to do and then I add a couple more.  I'm sure everyone is thinking the same as me.  Yes, it is a busy time but I'll completely miss it once it's all over so I'll stop complaining. Here are a few things that I've loved about this Christmas month so far. 

I loved helping a friend of mine sew aprons and chef hats for her girls for Christmas.  I didn't use a pattern, we just gave it a go. They turned out so cute I'm going to make Halle one.  Brandon was kicked out of the bedroom for 5 hours while we completed them over a two night period (one night working until after midnight), so I give my love to him for being an understanding man.

I love that Halle told me this morning that she was going to ask Santa to bring Taya a coloring pad so she doesn't keep coloring on Halle's.

I love that I've turned my bedroom into Santa's Workshop.  Yeah, really wishing for that 4th bedroom right about now. 

I loved being a part of the committee in charge of our ward Christmas party.  It was a lot of work six weeks prior, making decorations and planning for the big day.  It was an absolute hectic night!

I love that that Christmas party is over.

I love that Taya points to our Nativity and says "Thesus" (Jesus)

I love that Chad's family and Kimmie are coming to our house for Christmas.  How lucky are we?

And the last thing I'll mention that I love is....No More Homework For Brandon!!  He completed his Master's program yesterday!  This guy worked so hard to reach his goal.  I am in awe at how he has been able to do it all - work, his own business, homework, church calling, the gym, and still keep us number one on his list.  Good job babe!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grays...Turkey...Snow - PERFECT

Thanksgiving weekend was quite exciting at the Boulter home. The Grays came to stay with us for a few days which we thoroughly enjoyed! I think one of our favorite sites was seeing Halle, Macky and even Taya crawling on all fours barking like puppies all through the house.

Thanksgiving morning Brandon and Ty headed out for a little Turkey Bowl Football game. We told them not to get injured. At least Tyler obeyed. Brandon pulled his hamstring in the last play of the game. Thanksgiving dinner was held at Craig and Peggy's home. Dinner was divine! One highlight was Ty and Nat heading out for some Black Friday shopping at 4 the next morning. NUTS, I KNOW! We waited in a half mile line to get some great deals at Target an hour before it opened. Kohls was next on our list. Lucky for us, we were quick to grab and conquered our shopping list. Once we were back home safe and sound, Ty graced us with a little of his breakfast cooking (who knew) ....pretty tasty!

Saturday was our traditional Christmas Tree Hunt. We bundled ourselves up and headed up the canyon to chop down a tree for Halle & Taya. Craig, Peggy and Sarah went along too. It was a perfect day, the roads were pretty clear and a light and fluffy snow was falling - LOVED IT! Since Brandon was injured, Nat picked out the tree and dragged it down the hill to the car. Luckily it was only a 6 footer. We live in a warm bubble here in St. George. It's so nice to drive 45 minutes to get our feel of snow when we need it.