Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Happiness

Why is it that around Christmas time I feel like I have forty seven billion things to do and then I add a couple more.  I'm sure everyone is thinking the same as me.  Yes, it is a busy time but I'll completely miss it once it's all over so I'll stop complaining. Here are a few things that I've loved about this Christmas month so far. 

I loved helping a friend of mine sew aprons and chef hats for her girls for Christmas.  I didn't use a pattern, we just gave it a go. They turned out so cute I'm going to make Halle one.  Brandon was kicked out of the bedroom for 5 hours while we completed them over a two night period (one night working until after midnight), so I give my love to him for being an understanding man.

I love that Halle told me this morning that she was going to ask Santa to bring Taya a coloring pad so she doesn't keep coloring on Halle's.

I love that I've turned my bedroom into Santa's Workshop.  Yeah, really wishing for that 4th bedroom right about now. 

I loved being a part of the committee in charge of our ward Christmas party.  It was a lot of work six weeks prior, making decorations and planning for the big day.  It was an absolute hectic night!

I love that that Christmas party is over.

I love that Taya points to our Nativity and says "Thesus" (Jesus)

I love that Chad's family and Kimmie are coming to our house for Christmas.  How lucky are we?

And the last thing I'll mention that I love is....No More Homework For Brandon!!  He completed his Master's program yesterday!  This guy worked so hard to reach his goal.  I am in awe at how he has been able to do it all - work, his own business, homework, church calling, the gym, and still keep us number one on his list.  Good job babe!


shara said...

wow, you have been busy. I can't believe Brandon is finished. I'm sure he'll find something else to do soon. Can't wait to see you guys on Friday

jjtsoccer said...

Wow fun stuff, you sound like us, crazy busy! Yea! No more school and our cruise is coming fast! Time to Celebrate!! Congrats Brandon!!