Monday, June 28, 2010

The Party

 Unfortunately, Taya had to wait patiently for her party to be held yesterday due to a few sicko's in the house.  We had the usual fun crew, Craig & Peg, Sarah, Mr. B, and his new friend Helen.  We feasted on your usual party food, pizza, salad, and fruit.  Taya was so dang cute when it came time to open gifts.  When she opened a gift with clothes, she would hold each of them up to see if they fit, then toss them into her new baby stroller that Grandpa B gave her.  The stroller was a hit...maybe too much of one because Halle had to be sent to her room a few times and all we heard the rest of the night was, "I WANT A STROLLER!!"  I guess she'll have to put that one on her list.
Another hit was this puppy purse given to Taya by Helen.  Inside were some hair accessories and animal crackers.
 It took several blows to blow out the two candles.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can it really be true?

Taya is 2!
~ Got daddy's curls!
~ Favorite song right now is "Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone". She only sings, "Oh where, oh where" but sings it in her dramatic voice.
~ Counts to 12 - no help.
~ Good eater and couch potato - hopefully she changes her priorities later in life.
~ Hates to be left in nursery at church.
~ Loves dressing up in princess garb and following Halle around like a puppy.
~ Screams when she sees flies.
~ Teases Halle with a smile on her face.
~ Our Super Snuggler, she says "hold-jew" forty-nine times a day.
~ Quite the talker...our favorite word she says is, "EXCITED!!"
~ "My daddy ummmmmm......." and then never finishes the sentence. She wants to tell everyone about him.  He must be pretty special to her.

This girl is a super ham and loves her family.  We think she couldn't be any more perfect!!   Happy Birthday little one!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Halle fell out somehow, either while asleep or trying to get down, at 2 am this morning.  Blood everywhere.....Mom almost passed out.....and Daddy to the rescue!  6 stitches and a swollen chin - poor thing.  Good she's a strong little girl because she'll be back to playing hard in no time.  A special thanks to good friends and Mr. B who supplied some much needed goodies and activity books for our day inside.  We're just looking forward to healthier days ahead!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Change of plans

With a sick Taya, what do you do? 
We originally planned to go to Sand Hollow for a little wave running, but ended up taking a road trip to one of our favorite cool spots, Kolob Reservoir, instead.  The drive is spectacular because the road winds in between Kolob and Zions.  Halle loved romping through the wilderness in search for caterpillars or any new find.  She made us promise to bring her back for some fishing too.  

 So giddy while on the prowl for crawlers.
When we returned home we celebrated Father's Day ~BBQ style~ with some family and friends.
A random picture this week was this BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!
 Brandon's '71 429 Cobra Jet Mach 1 Mustang.  It's been gutted and sitting lifeless (as a storage shelf) for 3 years in our garage.  This pic proves a glimmer of hope?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

7 kids for the night

It was our turn Friday night to host the co-op group at our place.  Good old fashioned dinner.  Chicken nuggets and apples, with a side of edemame. 
I hope everyone with kids does this.  How great it is to get a night-out TO OURSELVES 3 nights in the month!
Seriously, the very best part is giving that much needed night-out to three other couples! 
Oh......there's a weight limit?

Taya is just getting a ~tiny~ taste of what boys are like.  She giggled the entire bounce session.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's summer....ok not officially....but it sure feels like it around here.  We've hit 100 degrees!  We went from the 80's to the 100's just about over night.  Usually May is full of 90 degree weather, but this year mother nature was kind to us here in St. George.  

I just had to snap a shot of this clematis growing in my yard.  People ~ these are easy to grow if you have a shady spot, and the rewards are super beautemous.  Just give it something to attach to, and in 3 months it will grow from 1 foot to 10 feet tall! 

~ Lately ~

Swim suits and popsicles are TAKING OVER

Sleep is RARE

 We're jumping non-stop......even in our PJ's

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grandpa B & other stuff

We had a visitor last week.  Grandpa B came to live with us after having surgery.  Can you believe he lasted 6 whole days here?  It was really a wonderful time to have him in our home.  He was up early every morning and loved to watch the girls eat breakfast. He was a gracious guest and didn't ask for much, which made it easy on me.  He even napped while Taya napped!  Even though he's been gone about a week, the girls still refer to the front bedroom as Grandpa's room.  We'll probably leave it the way it is just in case we have any more visitors (hint, hint).  Eventually, it will turn into our office.  To make room for Grandpa, we set up the bunk bed we brought back from Salt Lake in Halle's room.  The girls absolutely LOVE it and Mom loves having them a little more organized, in one room! 

We picked up a tramp last weekend--- yes!  The boat finally sold which opened up some room in the yard.  I would have inserted a clip of the kids doing their awesome tricks blogger is having issues so I'll post it later.
We had an "end of preschool" pool party yesterday at the Hawkins.  Halle and I became such great friends with the other kids and mom's in our group.  We're so totally going to miss it this summer!!
Here's a funny thing that happened earlier last month that just keeps me giggling.  I was using the potty in my bathroom and noticed there wasn't any TP-------perfect.  Taya was playing in the next room so I asked her to get me some toilet paper, (just curious what she'd do). A few minutes later she returned with TP, except she didn't tear some off.  She'd pulled the toilet paper from the other bathroom all the way to where I was across the house without tearing it. Hilarious!