Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grandpa B & other stuff

We had a visitor last week.  Grandpa B came to live with us after having surgery.  Can you believe he lasted 6 whole days here?  It was really a wonderful time to have him in our home.  He was up early every morning and loved to watch the girls eat breakfast. He was a gracious guest and didn't ask for much, which made it easy on me.  He even napped while Taya napped!  Even though he's been gone about a week, the girls still refer to the front bedroom as Grandpa's room.  We'll probably leave it the way it is just in case we have any more visitors (hint, hint).  Eventually, it will turn into our office.  To make room for Grandpa, we set up the bunk bed we brought back from Salt Lake in Halle's room.  The girls absolutely LOVE it and Mom loves having them a little more organized, in one room! 

We picked up a tramp last weekend--- yes!  The boat finally sold which opened up some room in the yard.  I would have inserted a clip of the kids doing their awesome tricks blogger is having issues so I'll post it later.
We had an "end of preschool" pool party yesterday at the Hawkins.  Halle and I became such great friends with the other kids and mom's in our group.  We're so totally going to miss it this summer!!
Here's a funny thing that happened earlier last month that just keeps me giggling.  I was using the potty in my bathroom and noticed there wasn't any TP-------perfect.  Taya was playing in the next room so I asked her to get me some toilet paper, (just curious what she'd do). A few minutes later she returned with TP, except she didn't tear some off.  She'd pulled the toilet paper from the other bathroom all the way to where I was across the house without tearing it. Hilarious!


jjtsoccer said...

Oh my Gosh she is so stinkin cute! I wish we were coming next week, we need to figure something out and get down there to visit!