Monday, June 28, 2010

The Party

 Unfortunately, Taya had to wait patiently for her party to be held yesterday due to a few sicko's in the house.  We had the usual fun crew, Craig & Peg, Sarah, Mr. B, and his new friend Helen.  We feasted on your usual party food, pizza, salad, and fruit.  Taya was so dang cute when it came time to open gifts.  When she opened a gift with clothes, she would hold each of them up to see if they fit, then toss them into her new baby stroller that Grandpa B gave her.  The stroller was a hit...maybe too much of one because Halle had to be sent to her room a few times and all we heard the rest of the night was, "I WANT A STROLLER!!"  I guess she'll have to put that one on her list.
Another hit was this puppy purse given to Taya by Helen.  Inside were some hair accessories and animal crackers.
 It took several blows to blow out the two candles.


Bre said...

What a doll! So sweet!

shara said...

I can't believe she's already 2. Holy cow!!! But wow is she is such a doll.

jjtsoccer said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!