Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our 4th

 We had another sweet 4th of July weekend!  Brandon and I decided to take the girls (Tiara included) to Pine Valley for a stroll around the lake and a picnic by the river.  Halle thought it was super cool because people were catching trout left and right.  It was so fun to see Tiara galloping through the grass and wading through the river like she was a little puppy again. Taya was a little freaked out over the abundance of flies but soon learned to swat at them instead of screaming "BEE".  When we returned home we took a quick dip in our backyard kiddie pool, then over to Craig and Peggy's for a dinner party.  That night we went to the Sunbowl for some good ole live Country Music.  I wasn't too thrilled...............but it turned out pretty fun, plus the kids loved dancing to the tunes.  The fireworks were the best I've seen in a long time!  Taya cried in the beginning but eventually calmed down when she realized they weren't going to stop.
Our weekend continued into Monday where we took the trip of a lifetime, (meaning, we won't be doing that trip again anytime soon.)  We, along with Peggy, Mr. B, and Helen decided to take the back road to the Grand Canyon.  Our destination (we thought) would only take us a couple hours to get to.  Reality?.... The entire round trip took us 8 hours.  Plus we had to stop several times, once for lunch, and once because Taya was car sick.  Brandon and I love road trips so for us it was adventurous.
3,000 foot drop ~ Dreadfully terrifying!
Historical school house  ~ perfect stop for lunch and a swing