Wednesday, July 28, 2010

L-A- J-O-L-L-A

 Last week was quite the party with the Pratts in La Jolla, CA!  
I'll just say we...
ate some of the best food, 
cleared our lungs breathing that wonderful ocean air, 
road a fantastic roller coaster, 
saw wild dolphins, sting rays, sea lions, and a jelly fish at the beach - who needs Sea World 
took a major wrong turn thinking we were above the GPS - wrong, 
had some of the happiest children, 
saw the most seaweed ever wash up on shore,
relaxed every night in what seemed to be our own personal hot tub (Taya's pronunciation, ha bub), 
laughed to tears on more than one occasion - in fact...still laughing, 
watched Halle's eye's light up after finding the first sand crab,
road on an eight person bike along the boardwalk with Chad at the wheel (must I say more?),
sat at Powerhouse Park watching the surfers until dusk,
wished for sun all week and got it on the last day.
We all came home with something...
Brandon - a lovely sand burn on his forearm
Nat - a new hat
Halle - a bucket of shells
Taya - a new found love for her cousins


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Oh man! That is exactly waht I want to plan for next year!! Sounds so fun and not to crazy busy!!