Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our first baby

Tiara came into our lives as an awkward and clumsy eight week old puppy.  Brandon and I both payed our equal part of $400 each so we could take her home.  We weren't married yet but new we couldn't wait any longer once we met our puppy.
Tiara (T-Bone) passed away in Brandon's arms early Wednesday morning from natural causes.  She lived to be ten years old, which is  super-granny for a Great Dane.  T-Bone was the BEST dog!!  Those who knew her would say she was sweet, yet protective, energetic when she needed to be, and loungy the rest of the time. She was the most obedient of the Boulter kids.  Around kids she was accepting and would allow them to play on her and inspect her body without snarling.  She only gave kisses to those she really, truly loved.  She would let us dress her up for Halloween (Snoop Dog, Reindeer, Angel).  She rafted the Snake River with her doggy cousins. She was a little bit feminist and had a weapon for a tail. She demanded soft bedding and would sneak around to find the perfect spot, even if it was in a forbidden zone.  She loved sniffing around at the dog park and running freely in the mountains.  Tiara was a joy to have around and loved being surrounded by her family. Her final resting place has a beautiful view of Zions National Park and the Pine Valley mountains.
We'll miss her!


Codi said...

Oh Nat! I'm so, so sorry.

I know how much you loved your sweet pup and how much happiness she brought you all. Our Suki just turned nine and has had some health problems lately and I've realized how these dogs are with us through everything - the good and bad - ups and downs - really our first babies always by our sides.

Hugs to you all.

jjtsoccer said...

We love T-bone! We will miss her. We are so sorry, she was a good dog!