Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday was race day for me. I competed in the SHAC Turkey Triathlon that's held here in St. George. I can't believe how much fun it was!! My six months of training really paid off because I felt ready and I gave it my all. This is me and Halle, my little supporter, at the finish line.
Thanks to my love - Brandon for all the time he gave up so I could prepare for this day.

My friend and workout partner, Heidi and our spin trainer, Tiffany. It was a bitter cold morning (especially for St. George...burrrr)

The swim

The bike - Maybe Santa will bring me a road bike for Christmas...hint...hint

The run

Me, Rakel, Hailey, and Heidi after the race.
What a beautiful day! Next Tri is in April and I am IN!


Codi said...

WOO HOO!!!! Way to go Nat - this is so cool!!

Thorpe Family said...

Wow! All I can say is WOW! I'm impressed!

jjtsoccer said...

Good job, I could never do that. I am just trying to exercise everyday.