Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boating and Dancing

Last Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.

The place ... Sand Hollow (nope, no swimmers itch)

The people ... Craig, Peg, Sarah, Halle, Taya, Brandon, Nat (no dogs, this time)

The water ... 67 degrees (took a 3 minute swim)

The boat ... Third successful trip (this time we have proof)

Tuesday was Halle's first official performance.

The place ... Westside Studio

The people ... Miss Cassie, Halle and her six friends

The dancing ... Practically non-existent but the entertainment was priceless

The Halle ... Enjoyed every moment, and never stopped moving. They even sang a cute song at the end about having a date with their daddy, which was followed by a cookie picnic. Fun Fun Fun


Thorpe Family said...

So jealous!!! And so adorable! I miss little Halle and Taya! Ok I miss you and Bran too! HAHA

Shupe said...

I second that statement!!!