Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That's our Halle... :)

It was Halle's bedtime a couple nights ago and as Halle went to pick out some books before bed I hurried to the freezer where an ice cream sandwich was calling my name. I just needed a little bite before the long drawn out bedtime process began. As soon as I turned around there was Halle. "What are YOU having, mama?"
"Nothing..." I said with my mouth full. And with a very serious face Halle said,
"Mama, say ahhh........say ahhh mama."

Days here in St. George can be PRETTY hot, so every once in a while we'll take Halle to the park in the evening. In the car on our way home one night it was dark and Halle kept asking for us to turn on the light. We kept saying no, and giving reasons why we shouldn't have the light on while driving. She insisted again and again and soon we heard, "Turn the light on... I HAVE to see the boogie!" She had picked her nose and wanted to check out her treasure.

Halle is our little marathon runner. She doesn't walk anywhere. She runs from the car to the house, from the couch to the fridge, from the toilet to the sink (well I haven't actually witnessed that one...yet) and her recent run we encountered was in the shower. She was running from one wall to the next, and it went on for about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I was too slow to get it on video.

Halle and Ellie are best friends these days. We're not sure if Ellie really enjoys being pulled around the house by the collar, chased and cornered with kitchen utensils, and covered with diaper rash cream, leave in conditioner and baby powder. She has been a great little companion for Halle though, and has learned to take the abuse well. When Ellie's had enough I'm glad she snaps softly at her to show her she's reached her limit. Halle usually comes running back to us saying with a sad face, "Ellie bite me. "

Ellie sporting diaper rash cream which is impossible to get out since it's waterproof.


Codi said...

Um, I love these stories! How cute is Halle?! And good to see a pic of your sweet pup too. I can't believe Halle is such a little girl - time flies!

Ashley said...

This was such a delight to read... What a little ham. I wonder where she gets that from? I'm sure I can come up with some stories like that about her mommie. I only hope my little Taylor is as fiesty.

Anonymous said...

What a character. Halle is so stinking cute!

Miranda said...

Thank you for sharing these stories. It is so fun to see how much Halle and Taya are growing. I can't wait to see how Miridyan turns out. You should call me one night when you go to the park. I would love to go with. We have been going to the park on Main Street at least one night a week. Miridyan loves to play in the water. Let me know !!!

Thorpe Family said...

Man!!! Kids are so fun! That is such a great comment! The boogie! She is Brandon'd child!!! haha
Well, i'm way excited to see you guys! Hope all is well!

Bridget said...

I love that she busted you for the ice cream sandwich! I am always sneaking my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches around my kids. I have told them they are "mom's ice cream" and they have their own. I figure I need the low cal stuff, they can have the full fat and calories ones.