Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"The Girls"

Halle & Taya are great friends. We were hoping it would happen and it did. Who knows how long it will last (hopefully a lifetime). Life has never been sweeter in our household. It's really fun to refer to our kids as "The Girls". I always thought I'd have boys....who knew?

We've also been giving a little more attention to our "First Girls" lately. Sunday night we visited St. George's first dog park. It was recently completed and looks to be a real hit with all the local dog owners. It was a little bit rainy and windy so Natalie and Taya stayed in the car while Brandon and Halle took TT and Ellie Bell into the park. The dogs LOVED it, so we'll try to make the dog park a weekly outing. Then yesterday, all six of us went on a walk. We were gone about an hour and Natalie is learning what pushing two kids uphill in a stroller is like. YIKES! All we have here are hills, so hopefully that baby belly & butt will be outta here quick. On the way home we walked through our neighborhood park where we encountered the funniest thing we've seen in a while. We didn't even know Ellie liked to swim or was even boyant. As soon as she saw a duck in the pond, she was after it. The duck looked like he was enjoying the swimming chase but never let Ellie catch him. He swam just fast enough to keep two feet infront of Ellie. The poor beagle wouldn't give up so we had to call her back to shore so she wouldn't drown. We were all laughing so hard we could hardly speak on the way home. Next time we do the dog/pond thing, I'll bring the camera so we can get some video.


Codi said...

Woo hoo - a new post!! The girls are DARLING and I just realized poor Brandon is outnumbered 5 to 1 - I'm sure he loves it though.

Got your email yesterday, thanks. We're planning a two night St. George trip at the end of August - maybe we'll catch you at home for a quick visit.

I bet you are having so much fun with these two - and I hope matching outfits are in their near future!