Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ahhhh, who knew a ~natural oasis~ was just an hour drive from our house. Brandon heard about this place through the St. George grapevine so we decided to check it out while the Talbots were visiting last weekend. Upon arriving it seems like you're driving into the middle of nowhere and then suddenly you see a cluster of palm trees. Unfortunately, when we arrived they weren't expecting us or anybody else so they had to quickly fill the pool. Luckily the fresh warm spring water flows pretty fast and the extra large pool was ready for swimming in about 30 minutes. This beautiful place is called Warm Springs Ranch and it's owned by the LDS Church. The previous owner was Howard Hughes and he sold it to the Church in 1976. There are two couple missionaries that run and take care of the property. Not many people know about Warm Springs which makes it a gem of a vacation spot. When we arrived the air temp was near 70 degrees and the water was about 85 degrees. We'll have to hit this place again sometime soon!

Taylor, Owen, Taya, Halle

Mckadin & Halle watching the water flow & waiting to swim.

Halle, Taya & Nat enjoying the nice water.

That's Brandon.....


Shupe said...

Nothing changes with that NUT!
Glad to see you're all doing well-
Call soon!
Miss you guys!