Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Friends

Taya & Tiara getting acquainted

Ellie is everyones best friend

Halle & Hudson
We said goodbye to our cute little neighbor family this morning. The Werlichs are moving to up to Lehi and leaving us and many friends here in St. George behind. Halle will miss Hudson and Madi knocking on our door just about every day to play. Halle and Hudson would snuggle on the couch together while they watched their favorite shows. It was a regular occurrence and I finally snapped a pic a couple days ago.

Taya and Hallie
Hallie LOVES Baby Taya. She would rather hug and kiss Taya than plan with Halle. When Taya's not around, Hallie and Halle make great friends!

Halle & Paige
Paige lives behind us but we rarely see her since the wall was completed. Now they have to walk CLEAR around the corner to see each other.


Anonymous said...

So Cute! I love the great shots you got of taya, t bone, ellie and halle and her cute little "boyfriend" on the couch!

Shupe said...

Sorry to hear they're moving. That can be tough on the lil' ones!

Michelle said...

Cute pictures. It is always sad when good friends move.

Robyn W. said...

What a sweet surprise to come on here and see that cute picture of those two!! Hudson misses her so much - was asking about her this morning! :) I showed him that picture and he just smiled! How is she doing? We miss you guys!! Hope you and your fam are happy and well! HUGS!