Thursday, September 3, 2009


There's nothing like walking out your back door and seeing
THIS right in front of you.

Oh yes, it happened to me and I'm still having AnXiEtY over it.
Yesterday we were preparing to head out to Grandpa B's to help him hang his shower curtain and I spotted this tarantula under Halle's lego car.
I don't kill bugs or any living thing.
If I find a big spider in the house I put a cup over it until Brandon comes home.
I called Brandon at work because I knew he could calm me down enough so I could put a bin over him.
This morning Brandon took him into work and gave him to one of the Biology professors. Brandon said the professor was giddy like a school boy.


M'lisa and Mark said...

That would not be a pleasant suprise to find! But its nice to know im not the only one to handle spiders by placing a cup over them!!! Mark and his family laugh at my tactics!!! :)

shara said...

Oh my gosh! I would freak out if I found that thing and you are about 1000x more scared of spiders than I am. Thank goodness you found it and not Halle.

Anonymous said...

Man he is huge! I am proud of you for not completely freaking! haha. I know I would have flipped!

Codi said...


What is it with you and spiders?! I still cringe when I think of the "spider babies" story you told me about.

Yama hama!!

Katie Blacker said...

wow. that is like my worst nightmare! way to go. I don't think I could even be in the same house as that thing.

Kim Clinger said...

YIKES in deed. Well, I read your whole blog just now. LOVED it. And there's even a picture of me - kissing Taya with you. Now I have to figure out how to do a blog for me...mine is so goofy right now. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh and the pictures - sheesh - I love the close ups you are getting of wildlife, and the one of Morgan and Halle at the beach. SO cute!

Alyce said...

Ugh- that gives me the creeps, I would freak out if I saw that at my house. And I too am reminded of your spider babies story, yuck!

jjtsoccer said...

holy cow that is NASTY!!!! Did you find out what kind it is? I would have freaked, good job for not.