Friday, January 1, 2010

Our New Year FUN

Yeah, we're really not too into this holiday so today after waking up around 10 (thanks Brandon) we took down Christmas.  It usually makes me a little sad to put my Christmas stuff away and see a naked house, but this year I was happy to see the stuff go.  Once we were nearing the end of the pile Brandon says to me in his humdrum voice, "ok...are we going to do anything fun today?" We decided to take the girls sledding on some new sleds we purchased while in SLC.  Since we don't have snow here we packed the car and headed north to Cedar.  We drove up SR14 and found a little side road that we made our own hill.  We saw several busy sledding hills but needed our own little spot since Halle and Taya aren't quite snow accustomed and the dogs need plenty of sniffing room.  It turned out to be quite a fun afternoon/evening. Halle was obsessed with riding fast and screamed all the way down.  It was hard to pull her away.  Maybe this can be our new New Year's tradition?



jjtsoccer said...

Way fun! We have tons of snow and have not been sledding yet! Looks so fun!

Katie Blacker said...

gorgeous pics!