Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring yet? Of course, it's St. George!

Dogwood Tree...Wish these grew here

I love how spring comes early here in Utah's warm little bubble.  I actually saw buds on my trees, yep... keeping tabs on buds.  

Things on my To Do List: 
  • Finish winter pruning
  • Spray Volck Oil on my peach tree (No way are those dang, ~always pregnant~ aphids getting us again!)
  • Preen (weed seed killer) on EVERYTHING
  • Chop bottom half of Desert Spoon - anyone want to volunteer to prune a cactus?
  • Prepare veggie garden for planting early spring veggies like onions, cabbage, spinach, and radishes
  • Get Taya some garden gloves.  Kim gave us some gloves for Halle when she was born.  She used them last year for the first time.  Love gardening with the girls!

A-H-H-H      S-P-R-I-N-G 


shara said...

You forgot the most important come up and design my backyard so I know what plants to buy. Pleeeeaaasssse come help so I don't waste a ton of money buying plants that are just going to die on me again.

Anonymous said...

I can not even begin to express my jealousy!!!! Arghh!!! I want to live back down there so stinking bad!!!!Okay enough ranting. Love you guys! Miss you guys and wish we could play all the time like the good ol days!

AMIT said...

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jjtsoccer said...

Oh man that sounds great! I want it to be spring here too! Can't wait to come down and visit again.