Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part II

  Brandon's evil pumpkin lit up our front yard Saturday night. Of course lit to Brandon means.....ON FIRE!

Our little Princess and Woodland Fairy ready to hit the streets together.  Some of our neighbors really get into the Halloween spirit.  This year they served scones, hot dogs, cotton candy, & root beer floats and had a tractor ride, bounce house, games and a movie.  The girls had a blast yet again.......and so did we! 

Our welcoming committee 

We had over 200 was a wild neighborhood...but fun!


Codi said...

200 trick-or-treaters?! I think we had 12. Cute costumes and it sounds like fun festivities!

Hey we're heading to Disney in a couple of weeks and will be in St. George on the 11 & 12 because Blake is playing in a tournament. Is your number the same? Maybe if you're around and not busy Lucy and I could stop by on Friday!

shara said...

I love the flaming pumpkin! Now Justin wants to do that to our pumpkins next year. The girls are so big, I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.