Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring time fun

It's definitely getting hot here, so once a week we head towards water. Stephie and Mackie meet us at the Townsquare water park every Tuesday afternoon for lunch and water play. It's becoming a favorite place for kids and parents alike because of all it's amenities. There's a splash pad, a water walk with rocks, water falls, a water garden, room to run (for Halle's enjoyment) and of course, SHADE.
We just returned from another fabulous trip up north. Luckily, this trip there was no snow and the trees were even in bloom. We stayed at Nana's, Mac's, and GG's and had a blast from the get-go. We were fortunate to look out the window Monday morning to see a heard of eleven dear in the yard. They didn't stay long so we enjoyed every minute they were there. Halle and Morgan loved prancing around in Nana's dress-ups, getting into trouble in the pantry and riding the elevator-- giggling all the way. Nana and Mac were also nice enough to allow me to hold a get-together with my girlfriends from highschool. The kids were invited too so as you can imagine it was a whirlwind night of fun, food and craziness. What a wonderful opportunity it was to get together with my gals again and especially meet their kids.


Sarah said...

these pics are soooo cute the one i like the most is Halle in the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!