Tuesday, May 13, 2008

7 weeks left.....

We're finally nearing the end of this pregnancy. Wha hoo!!! Tomorrow will mark the 33rd week, with 7 weeks to go. All three of us have agreed on a name for our little one. We've decided on Taya Regene. We are so very excited to meet her and get to know her.

Last weekend Shara held a dual baby shower for me and Jamie in North Salt Lake. Jamie's baby is due just two weeks after ours. It was so fun to spend time with all the ladies in the family again. However, it was hard to be away from Brandon and Halle for a couple days. While Mom was in Salt Lake, Dad and Halle drove to Lake Powell to be with Mr. B and Craig's family. The main event was a car show and Mr. B's Benz won 3rd place in the whole show!


Codi said...

Nat -
Thanks for the link to your blog! Now I can see what you guys are up to and see your cute litte girl (almost girlS)! And the dogs look lovely as ever.
Miss you guys!