Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get out the wakeboard & ski...IT RUNS!

This is where our boat is normally....

And this is where it was on Saturday...Sand Hollow!

For all of you who've heard about our "boat woes" here's some news.
It finally had a great run!
Unfortunately for Natalie, it happened without her and the kids, but hey, is that a smile on Brandon's face? No frowns, cuss words, or boat parts flying? If you know our boat, you know it's kind of a joke. We bought it about two years ago, spent the first year redoing the interior and the second year getting the engine to work. We've taken it numerous times to the lake and spent what seem to be countless hours at the doc.
So this was a break through.


Thorpe Family said...

That is great news!!!! I can't wait to try it out! I can't beleive you are still able to go boating though!!! It's snowing here!!! So jealous!

Michelle said...

FUN!! I bet you can't wait for next summer. Just so you know, you can always invite us along. Hint hint.

varma said...