Monday, December 1, 2008

It's a Tradition

Last Saturday was our annual Christmas Tree Hunt. It's just too much fun, now that we live in sunny St. George to drive up a snowy canyon and play in the snow for a couple hours. The trees we chop down are never like the ones you'd find at a tree lot in the city, they're actually quite Charlie Brown-ish. The tree we found will be Halle & Taya's and will be theirs to decorate. Craig, Peggy, Hayden, Sarah, Holly, and Porter also went along and found a tree of their own. Tiara and Ellie couldn't have been happier running in and out of the trees so freely. And Halle's favorite thing? Eating snow of course!

The eyeballs in the blue coat - that's Peggy.
Holly in yellow. Sarah in green. Halle in stripes.

The snow princesses

Taya stayed cozy warm in the car.

Halle before her nose turned red and drippy.


Michelle said...

Fun fun fun! I've tried to talk Blake into doing that now that we live here and can hike up the mountains. But he says NO WAY. We get our tree every year from Home Depot. You would think that tradition would change once we are near real mountain trees, but nope. Perhaps next year we could go with you guys.

Bridget said...

Looks like fun! I love Christmas. Your girls look darling too.

Shupe said...

Miss you guys- More than you know!

So I guess I've also joined the blogger crew as well........... Go figure!

I still have to figure out how this gig works.all the HTML crap I have to learn now! UG!

Happy Holidays to all of you
Miss you a TON!

justin and shara said...

You would never know you guys live in St. George. I can't believe how big Taya is getting. Christmas will be a ton of fun this year with Halle.BTW-I love her coat.

I emailed Robyn yesterday and told her what a small world it was. I don't even know her-I just know her from the scrapblog community, she is an amazing designer.

Thorpe Family said...

Look how adorable your little girls are!!!! Sounds like a very fun tradition!!! Hope to see you soon!