Monday, August 17, 2009


Our girls belong on the beach!
In fact Brandon and I do too. Too bad we live so far from that fabulous ocean air. We stayed Del Mar which is just north of San Diego. We absolutely fell in love with this hip and friendly beach town. We couldn't get enough in the 5 days we were there so it's in the works to go again next year. Hopefully, there will be no emergency surgeries that get in the way - Chad and Karen. We missed you!

Halle was OBSESSED with the sand crabs, shells and seaweed. After stepping on a bee and being stung, Taya loved the feel of the sand between her fingers and toes ~surprising.

That's my hunky man after his boogie boarding stunts.

A HUGE highlight for me was meeting up with my girlfriend from the old days. Ashley Johnson (now Dunaway) and I were best buds when we were growing up in Salt Lake. Now, Ashley lives in a beach house in Del Mar just a block from the beach...SPOILED!!! Ashley was our own personal travel agent - giving us beach gear, tips on where to go and eat - yum, and even offered to watch the girls so Brandon and I could have an evening to ourselves. YAY! Thanks Ash!

Ashley suggested we go to Quail Botanical Gardens with the girls. SO FUN! I wouldn't have missed it. It was
BeAuTiFuL and there was even an area just for kids to play and learn about plants.

One day we biked around Coronado Island. We strapped the girls into the trailer and took off. We had no idea where we were going - could have been better prepared - but it turned out great. Unfortunately I forgot the camera that day. Too busy I guess....

The last day was spent at Sea World. I can't believe how well the girls did running from place to place. It was tiring but well worth it.


Codi said...

What a fun trip!! The girls both look darling. I'm glad you had such a fab time!

Ashley Dunaway said...

We loved seeing you! I am spoiled :)