Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm heading out for another little ride tomorrow with the gals. Every Saturday lately, a bunch of friends and I go for an early morning ride on our bikes. Last week was a ride to the college to run a 5K, then ride back. It was a doozy, but well worth it. We've also taken the Bloomington loop, and a ride to Washington Fields. Tomorrow is a ride to Ivins. This will mark the furthest I've been on my bike... I think. And, I think, I'm starting to really like this biking thing. My bike is now equipped with a speedometer/tripometer/odometer (10 bucks at Walmart) which for some strange reason is fascinating to me. Hopefully- I'll soon learn how to steer away from pot holes while working the computer. It's been quite exhilarating getting ready for this Triathlon. My workout schedule has been crazy and I have to hand it to my cute hubby for giving me SO MUCH of his valuable time. He's my rock and I love him! Other family members like Sarah, Craig and Peggy have also put in some good babysitting hours with my girls. Thanks to them! What I'm hoping for is to do a beginner race this fall, and then compete in the sprint distance in the spring.
We'll see....