Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Just a bundle of flowers given to me by my man today.  He knows when I need a little boost! BEST HUBBY EVER!

Easter for us this year was a little lonely.  Usually we have a household of Talbots to enjoy it with.  Since they spent their holiday up north we kept the event real casual.  Casual enough that all day was spent in our pj's.  Grandpa B came to visit us in the morning.  The girls eye's were huge while hunting for eggs and after gathering their loot, we enjoyed a nice german pancake served with strawberries.  The two sessions of conference that day were very enjoyable and magically the girls kept busy coloring and listening here and there.  That evening we had dinner guests, Craig, Peggy, Sarah, and Grandpa B.  What an enjoyable Easter Feast:  steak, green salad, baked new potatoes, and for dessert Strawberry Cream Trifle.... ooh delish!


shara said...

If you guys are still in St. George next year, maybe we'll have to come down. I'll need a vacation by then.

jjtsoccer said...

We missed being there for the Holiday! And I need some good weather. Next year for sure!!