Monday, April 12, 2010

Golf & Trail

Our family had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was divine so we opted for some outdoor fun.  Brandon took Friday off, so that became our resting day (so says Brandon).  Saturday morning Sarah watched the girls while Craig, Mr. B, Brenda, Scott, Brandon and I went golfing at Sand Hollow.  Now, I am NO golfer, but I don't mind a little golf when there's no pressure.  Brenda and I really enjoyed ourselves because we let the boys lead and play their own game.  We followed behind laughing at ourselves the whole way.  Amazingly, Brenda and I would hit our balls the same distance until we hit the green.  Some skills for me to work on... stay away from the sand traps and focus on that ball!

Sunday's are hard to keep the girls busy, so we took them on the Temple Quarry Trail.  Tiara also came for some outdoor trotting and sniffing.  The hike is 3.3 miles round trip and we finished in about 2 hours.  The early Latter Day Saint colonizers used the trail to haul mined stones to the temple site and used them in building the foundation.  You can still see remains of blasting powder and chisel marks.  Halle loves airplanes so she enjoyed watching the planes come in while hiking.  Taya loved throwing rocks over the cliff and laughing at her silly daddy.

~It was a beautiful evening~


jjtsoccer said...

I love it there, it is always so pretty. Looks like fun!