Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part II

  Brandon's evil pumpkin lit up our front yard Saturday night. Of course lit to Brandon means.....ON FIRE!

Our little Princess and Woodland Fairy ready to hit the streets together.  Some of our neighbors really get into the Halloween spirit.  This year they served scones, hot dogs, cotton candy, & root beer floats and had a tractor ride, bounce house, games and a movie.  The girls had a blast yet again.......and so did we! 

Our welcoming committee 

We had over 200 was a wild neighborhood...but fun!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Part I

This door decoration was an idea I saw in Parent's magazine last October and saved to make this October. It's the one and only NEW Halloween decoration this year! (Ok, ok, there was one other but it doesn't count because I bought it in August.) Hey, that's really good for me!

Can you find Halle?  We already had the costume, so it took some convincing that Snow White really is the prettiest princess ever!

Halle's preschool had a Halloween parade and cute singing program on Wednesday.  Halle LOVES school and being where her friends are.  She's ready to hit the hard stuff next year, that's right - Kindergarten!

 Ahhhh, he was the only one to come dressed up to work.....

  ~~~ More to come...stay tuned...

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Ride & New Do

I'm calling it a mid life (ok, 30's) crisis.  You call it what you want. 

With Brandon driving almost 100 miles per day, he thought this little Honda Insight would fit just right.  Plus, the lime green color made it the right price.
To us it looks like a toad, but you can't go wrong with a Hybrid and having your MPG in the 60's. 
I decided to go brunette.  It's more natural and personally I think it fits me better.
Ta   Daaaaa