Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching up

Can you tell she liked the cobbler....or was it the attention...

It's been a busy few weeks since Taya's birthday so I'll quickly recap. We held a little get-together for Taya's day and enjoyed a little peach cobbler with our badmitton. We ditched the traditional cake and tried out our dutch oven. Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate...it was a fun night!

Here's Macky about to take a swing at it. Too bad our yard isn't a little wider :( I love this picture because Peggy looks like a little kid standing next to Hayden. Man...he's tall!

Here's me and my cute dad (Halle snuck in there too). Silver Lake was pretty and the temperature was just right.

We attended a Pratt family reunion in Salt Lake at my Aunt and Uncle's house. How fun it was to see my family again!! I love them so much and enjoyed the relaxing evening watching the kids run from the bounce house, to the putting green, to badmitton, and of course the delicious food. It was also great to catch up on those Pratt giggles.