Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peer Pressure

So...lately I've been having some ~crazy~ thoughts in my mind about a Triathlon. I say ~crazy~ because never have I thought seriously about doing one of these. To be honest, every time I think about it I kind of chuckle a bit. Yes, I love working out and staying as fit as I can... but am I a swimmer? No. Am I a runner? No. Am I a biker? Not really. So..... why am I training for this Triathlon in November? I'll tell you what it is - PEER PRESSURE! I have some friends in a spin class I attend and all they talk about are races. It's such a positive fitness environment I can't help but be hooked. In fact, ever since we moved to St. George I've felt the exercise bug. The bug runs thick here. The more I attend the class the more I think about this race coming up. And, having a set goal in my mind like this Triathlon has kept me going day after day. The training so far has been fun and very addictive, so hopefully nothing will get in the way of me crossing that finish line in November.


Bridget said...

Awesome! You'll do great! After doing 4 triathlons myself I am convinced ANYONE can do it. I would totally recommend the book Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week by Eric Carr. It gives you exercise routines week by week to prepare for the race. I follow it every time. Have fun!