Monday, April 19, 2010


Our first annual Boulter Backyard Campout was held over the weekend.  Halle has been asking to sleep in our tent for weeks and she finally got her chance.  The girls played house inside the tent while we prepared the fire for roasting marshmallows.  Every year we save our live christmas tree so we can torch it when we start using our fire pit in the spring.  The dried tree is perfect fire starter!  

We were worried the girls wouldn't last the night in the tent... but we were pleasantly surprised.  It was their parents that didn't last.  Brandon and I had to come in and get warmer pj's on around 3 am.  Now we did this as a trial run, but had fun doing it and will probably make it a new tradition.    


Katie Blacker said...

how fun to have a backyard camp-out. Those fire pictures are rad.

jjtsoccer said...

Looks like fun! I love there dresses from Mexico!