Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few things...

I've been meaning to attach some pictures of what we've been busy doing lately.  Halle started preschool after labor day.  Today she was the "Super Kid" which means she got to have Ted E. Bear over for a sleepover, she and I decorated a star with her name on it which will be displayed in class, she said she wore a pretty cape during class, and she brought her favorite treat to share.  She attends preschool with friends and goes 3 times a week to prepare her for school next year.  Taya and Mommy get some alone time while she's gone which is awesome. Taya has been singing her way into our hearts.  She loves to belt it out every where she goes. She talks in full sentences even if it takes her a minute to remember the words.  There's nothing more precious to her than her "Icky Baby".  She calls it that because we all hate how used it looks. One day that baby will go missing....mark my words.....  

When this guy isn't working or on the road, this is what he's doing. 
With both of us involved in Scouting, we get to go on some fun excursions.  Brandon went on an overnight hike up Red Mountain with his scouts.  This is the second annual trip, so this time he knew what his body was in for.  I think he's still talking about his jello legs.  

 Arrow points to our house

I have been peer pressured into making a quiet book.  At first, I really didn't want to put forth the effort, but once I saw it I had to have one.  I'm trying to work on it a little each day so I at least have it done by Halle's baptism.....he he.'s time consuming!  It'll be one of the items I grab for if my house starts on fire.  I'm using cotton fabrics, muslin, craft fuse, felt (each piece of felt is doubled, with craft fuse in between to give strength, then hand sewn), snaps, velcro, buttons, ribbons, etc. The finished product will have 16 pages with a cover.  If you come over and my kids are screaming and my house is a disaster, you can find me at my sewing machine.