Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surfer girl

On Labor Day we went surfing.  There's a fun way to surf just off the back of your boat. Some friends of ours invited us to go boating and they've been wake surfing for a couple of years now.  Once you get up on the small surf board while holding on to the rope, you can let go of the rope and ride the curl the boat's wake puts out as the boat cruises around the lake.  Their boat has a whale tale prop which helps create the curl and there's also some prep, like inflating some large reservoir bags of water to sink one side of the boat which helps create a bigger wake.  It took some serious concentration and practice for Brandon and I to get up and stay up but we finally conquered it.  Our friends looked like pros and made it look so easy.  Wade even took all the kids on a ride.  Halle took her turn and smiled the whole time.  
When I get a hold of the picture of me surfing I'll attach it. 


M'lisa and Mark said...

That's awesome!!! Fun stuff! Your girls are going to grow up and be water sport pros :)

shara said...

she's one brave little girl!!! and so are you, I remember when you first starting going boating with us and now look at what you can do.

jjtsoccer said...

That is so cool! How does the board stay under you while you get up?